Emsys ordered by MHI for AIDA vessels

03 Sep 2012
Emsys laser emissions monitor equipment

Emsys laser emissions monitor equipment

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has ordered an Emsys advanced emissions monitoring system from WR Systems for two new vessels being built for Carnival’s AIDA cruise line.

The Emsys laser based sensor monitors emissions continuously and allows for high accuracy measurement of up to 10 exhaust stacks. The system, which will be installed on the two largest ever constructed AIDA vessels, can also measure smoke (opacity) and Particulate Matter (PM). The Emsys system has been awarded Type Approval by ABS to cover Nox, Sox and Co2 measurement.

Simon Brown, international maritime business director, MHI, said: “These vessels will be constructed to the highest environmental standards and feature many new technologies to reduce emissions and improve efficiency. The implementation of Emsys will provide real-world verification of the vessels’ emissions footprint and allow optimisation of operating performance through continuous emissions monitoring.”

Emsys can also be set to report carbon monoxide (CO) and methane (CH4) levels. Although these gases are not yet covered by IMO regulations, the latest solution to reduce air pollution through the use of LNG fuel may bring further challenges and so are seen as critical.

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