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04 Dec 2013
Alfa Laval’s Aqua Blue - its next generation freshwater generator

Alfa Laval’s Aqua Blue - its next generation freshwater generator

Alfa Laval has launched a new efficient freshwater generator, the Aqua Blue, which it says cuts the need for seawater in half along with the electricity needed to power it.

The Aqua Blue, on show at Marintec China this week, follows on from its predecessor, the Aqua, launched in 2008. It uses the same energy efficient desalination process but incorporates a wide range of enhancements to improve both operation and installation.

Alex Jönsson, Alfa Laval, said: “The simplicity of the Aqua concept is surprising, considering what it can achieve. With one plate pack instead of two, the freshwater generator needs just half the seawater flow. So only half the pumping capacity has to be installed, which means only half the electrical energy for running the pumps.”

The foundation of the Aqua is a unique type of titanium plate which the company says is the first to be specifically designed for desalination work. Plate-based freshwater generators have existed for half a century but have always been a modification of heat exchanger designs.

Its three in one construction means that evaporation, separation and condensation all occur within the same plate pack.

First, feed water passes through the lower section, where it is evaporated in a vacuum. As the vapour rises, it then passes through the separator section, with brine falling back into the sump at the bottom of the freshwater generator. Only the clean vapour reaches the top section, where it is condensed into high-quality fresh water.

The Aqua Blue heavily maintains energy efficiency by the use of an IE3 motor. To ensure still more uniform results, the flow of seawater through Aqua Blue is regulated which also contributes to faster start-up times.

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