Farstad?s double P series newbuildings take shape

02 Jul 2003

The Norwegian offshore operator Farstad Shipping earlier this year entered into a contract for two newbuildings from the Ulstein stable of designs. This consisted of one unit each of the newly developed Ulstein P105 and P106 series of offshore platform supply vessels ordered from Ulstein Verft. Both newbuildings are scheduled for delivery in December 2003.
Developed by Ulstein Design AS, the new designs form part of the Ulstein P-series which are sold as having large load capacity, good sea keeping abilities, low levels of noise and fuel consumption and a design for operations in harsh weather conditions. They are built using a modular design, i.e. pre-engineered modules .
All Ulstein vessels are designed to comply with the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Class notations of "CLEAN" and "COMFORT" and the P105 and P106 are no exception.

Ulstein P105 is a multifunctional platform supply vessel designed to meet the future demands of the offshore industry. The basic design is supplied with a diesel-electric propulsion system, and equipped with frequency converters on all thrusters in order to minimise fuel consumption during dynamic positioning, standby and manoeuvring operations. This also leads to lower noise and vibration levels. A roll-reduction passive stabilising system is incorporated, and the vessel can be fitted with a variety of deck equipment for different applications. The accommodation block has a capacity for 24 crewmembers.
Steel production was completed at Ulstein Verft in Vanylven and assembly has begun at the main yard in Ulsteinvik. The 86.2m long, 19m wide ship can also be delivered with a conventional propulsion system.
Maximum speed is approximately 15.5 knots and a service speed of 14.5 knots and the vessel will have an AUTR IMO Class II dynamic positioning capability.
With deadweight of 4,750 tonnes, the vessel will be able to carry about 2,700 tonnes of cargo on the 960m2 cargo deck. Special equipment will be fitted consisting of one electro-hydraulic deck crane with knuckle boom installed in a central position, one elecro-hydraulic folding type deck crane on port side, and two tugger winches.

The Ulstein P106 is a medium sized supply vessel designed to meet the future demands of the offshore industry. The basic design is equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion system as ordered by Farstad but the design can also be built with a diesel-mechanical propulsion system. The vessel will be 74.30m long, 16m wide and will have a maximum speed of approximately 15 knots. The shape of the bulbous bow results in fuel savings at a wide range of draughts and a roll-reduction passive stabilising system is incorporated.
The vessel has a class I dynamic positioning system.
Deadweight at maximum draught is approximately 3,400 tonnes, and the load capacity on the 700m2 deck is approximately 1,600 tonnes. Accommodation is typically arranged for 24 persons. The contract is worth approximately $21.6 million for Ulstein Verft and includes an option to build a similar vessel. Noise reduction will be a key element for crewmembers.
Special equipment will comprise two electro-hydraulic deck cranes and two hydraulic or electrical tugger winches.
When delivered at the end of December 2003, the vessel will immediately start on a five year charter contract for Peterson Suppylink B.V in Holland which is the supplier for seven offshore operators in the Netherlands. Including this vessel (P106), Ulstein Verft has delivered 17 vessels to Farstad between 1975-2003. At present, Farstad Shipping has a fleet of 44 vessels in operation and eight vessels on order from various shipyards. Five are currently under construction in Norway, with another three being built in Brazil for long-term charters with oil giant Petrobras.

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