First order for LNG-fuelled two-stroke

05 Dec 2012
TOTE’s dual-fuel container ships will have MAN ME-GI power

TOTE’s dual-fuel container ships will have MAN ME-GI power

MAN Diesel & Turbo has confirmed the first order for its low-speed, dual-fuel ME-GI engine – the two 3,100TEU containerships to be built at NASSCO for USshipping company TOTE will be powered by 8L70ME-GI main engines.

Each of the pair of ships, and the three options also included in the contract, will be powered by a single 8L70ME-C8.2-Gl of MCR 25,191kW at 104rpm,and NCR of 21,412kW at 98.5rpm. As well as the main engine, the three medium-speed auxiliaries will also be equipped for dual fuel operation.

According to MAN, the two vessels will be the most environmentally friendly containerships afloat, powered primarily by LNG. Ole Grøne, senior vice president low-speed sales and promotions, said: “Our experience with two-stroke, dual-fuel engines stretches back to the 1990s. With the current developments in fuel prices and multiple customer requests for a solution, the momentum towards the development of a commercial, low-speed dual-fuel engine became unstoppable. We see this order as a natural culmination, and see the ME-GI as the beginning of a significant new era.”

The ME-GI engine is the result of many years’ work that began in the 1990s with the company’s prototype MC-GI dual-fuel engine that entered service at a power plant in Chiba, Japan in 1994. Depending on relative price and availability, as well as environmental considerations, the ME-GI engine gives shipowners and operators the option of using either HFO or gas. The company claims that the ME-GI engine delivers significant reductions in CO2, NOx and SOx emissions, and exhibits negligible methane slip

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