First order for two-stroke with EGR

10 Nov 2011
Graphic of the second-generation EGR system (shown in orange) integrated with its host engine

Graphic of the second-generation EGR system (shown in orange) integrated with its host engine

MAN Diesel & Turbo has announced the first order for its second-generation EGR system, to be employed on the 6S80ME-C9 main engine onboard a Maersk Line 4,500TEU newbuild container vessel.

The engine is being built by MAN licensee Hyundai Heavy Industries’ engine & machinery division. The EGR system has been designed to comply with the forthcoming IMO Tier III NOx emission levels, due to come into force by 1 January 2016.

The latest EGR system is designed to be compact, with only minor changes to the engine outline, enabling it to be fitted with no major design changes by shipyards. It is intended to allow full fuel flexibility, ranging from HFO to distillates and natural gas. It reduces NOx emissions by directing part of the exhaust gas back into the engine’s scavenge air. This reduces the oxygen content of the air in the combustion chamber, thereby reducing the combustion temperature and, as a result, reduces formation of nitrogen oxides. Tests at MAN Diesel & Turbo’s Diesel Research Centre in Copenhagen have shown that EGR alone could allow forthcoming IMO Tier III NOx emission requirements to be met.

Søren H. Jensen, vice president and head of research & development at MAN Diesel & Turbo said: “We have taken an important step forward in the development of exhaust gas recirculation with the release of this second-generation system. This configuration will mirror the final design for our Tier III NOx EGR engine programme. The main focus has been on integration of the entire EGR system into one unit which is a part of the engine as a charge-air cooler. The EGR unit comprises a cooler, a scrubber, a water mist catcher and a blower unit, and is designed to be fitted on the engine in the same way as a charge-air cooler. Since the first-generation EGR was tested in service, we have achieved significant technical advances as well as improvement in performance. We have optimised the performance of the EGR so that the system re-circulates 40% of the exhaust gas so as to meet the Tier III reduction criterion.”

The first system will be fitted to newbuilding 2358 from Hyundai’s shipbuilding division, which is one of the C-class series of 22 container vessels ordered by Maersk Line. It is scheduled for delivery in early 2013, when it will operate between East Africa and the Far East. For a test period of three years, the engine will be operated partly with IMO Tier III NOx emission levels.

The target market for MAN Diesel & Turbo’s EGR system is ships of over 2,000dwt, a segment that today comprises some 18,000 to 20,000 vessels operating globally. The EGR system is claimed by MAN to offer great value, with benefits including its environmental performance, global seafaring flexibility, added resale value of ships, and no requirement for daily maintenance.

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