Free EEDI design support tool released by ClassNK

15 Apr 2014
Two new PrimeShip-Green software products have been released by ClassNK

Two new PrimeShip-Green software products have been released by ClassNK

A new PrimeShip-Green software tool has been introduced by Tokyo-based classification society ClassNK to aid compliance with IMO requirements for EEDI.

Using the program, shipyards and designers can calculate minimum propulsion power in accordance with the energy efficiency design index (EEDI) requirements of MARPOL Annex VI IMO 2013 Interim guidelines for determining minimum propulsion power to maintain the manoeuvrability of ships in adverse conditions.

According to ClassNK, to evaluate minimum propulsion power requirement, added resistance in irregular waves should be calculated based on ship’s Lines, a process that can be difficult, especially at initial design stage. ClassNK’s simplified formula is said to use only basic information such as main ship specifications, allowing designers to easily evaluate the minimum propulsion power requirement for their ships.

In addition, ClassNK has released an updated version of the PrimeShip-GREEN/PSTA software, which was initially released in June 2013 to provide shipyards with an easy means of calculating progressive speed trial analysis in compliance with the ISO 15016:2002 standard recognized in IMO guideline 2012 Guidelines on survey and certification of the energy efficiency design index (EEDI). Recently, a new draft of ISO 15016 was released. In order to support the revised requirements, the new version of PrimeShip-Green/PSTA has been released.

Both PrimeShip-Green/MinPower and PrimeShip-Green/PSTA are provided to shipyards without charge, by applying through the ClassNK website.

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