Further orders for bulk carrier design

26 Jun 2012
The standard B.Delta37 bulk carrier

The standard B.Delta37 bulk carrier

Finnish design company Deltamarin has announced a contract with Yangfan Group of China for the design of B.Delta37 Bulk Carriers to be built for the Italian shipowners d'Amico Societa di Navigazione.

The contract covers six fixed orders and six options. Deltamarin will provide the basic design, part of the detail design of the vessels and technical procurement handling and will also have a site team to ensure the continuity all along the design phases to the production. The design is an amended version of the standard B.Delta37, configured with open hatches.

The 180m ships will be of 38,500dwt, with a cargo capacity of 49,500m3. Design service speed is 14 knots, with daily fuel consumption of 17.9t, and the specification calls for an EEDI of 21.6 % less than the basic requirements soon to enter force. Energy efficiency measures to be employed include a low-resistance hull form, with “novel” propeller, rudder and main engine solutions.

Deltamarin says that derivatives of its B.Delta series have attracted 35 orders from nine different owners. The design work, equivalent to about 33 man years, will be carried out at Deltamarin’s offices in Europe and China,making use of its partner network.

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