Gas Fuelled Ships Conference 2012 – Call for papers

02 Apr 2012
Speakers at last year’s Gas Fuelled Ships Conference

Speakers at last year’s Gas Fuelled Ships Conference

The call for papers has been announced for Mercator Media’s third Gas Fuelled Ships Conference this year, being held from 12-14 September in Bergen, Norway.

The 2012 conference, held in association withThe Motorship, will focus on Innovative fuel solutions to reduce emissions and costs and aims to highlight the issue that increasingly tough environmental regulations mean that further investment to reduce emissions in the shipping industry is needed now.

The conference will also tackle the problem of green issues and environmental legislation potentially increasing costs and explore how switching to cleaner fuels could help - with a focus on LNG as the most promising solution.

Abstracts are invited on the following topics:

- How far have we come with LNG as a ship fuel and what’s the future?

- Regulatory development and outlook

- Operational experiences from ship operators

- Financial implications of LNG

- Infrastructure

- Bunkering

- Ships: Design concepts, new builds v retrofitting

Companies, organisations and individuals are invited to put forward papers to be delivered at the conference, within the framework of the topics shown above. A 250 word abstract together with a biography of the speaker should be emailed to:

Abstracts should be received no later than 20 April 2012.

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