Hyundai unveils SCR NOx reduction system

09 Jul 2012
Hyundai Heavy’s SCR NOx System

Hyundai Heavy’s SCR NOx System

Hyundai Heavy Industries has announced that it is to supply 18 selective catalytic reduction systems for three drillships ordered by Rowan in June 2011. HHI claims its SCR can reduce NOx by up to 95%.

The systems uses HHI’s own-developed catalyst to separate NOx into nitrogen and water, and has been developed to meet expected demand beginning in 2016 with the entry into force of IMO Tier III NOx limits.

Alongside the SCR, HHI says it is developing exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) as an alternative Tier III NOx emission reduction system. The Ulsan, South Korea-based company has also tested gas-fuelled marine engines emitting 20% less carbon dioxide than diesel engines and reducing NOx emissions by 97% to reach a claimed world lowest level of 50 ppm.

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