Important warning to our clients and readers

18 Nov 2011

It has come to the notice of Mercator Media, publisher of ‘The Motorship’, that bogus organisations are continuing to contact subscribers, advertisers and exhibitors, supposedly on behalf of Mercator Media.

We strongly advise exhibitors, advertisers and subscribers to be vigilant against these organisations who do not represent the good name developed within the bona-fide exhibitions and publishing industries. Mercator Media Ltd does not permit third parties to undertake unsolicited mailing to our customers. In particular we have received complaints about misleading practices from Fairguide, Expo-Guide and Construct Data.

Our directories, showguides, magazines and subscription and circulation databases are all handled in-house, so communications using our name from any other company than Mercator Media, particularly from outside the United Kingdom, are likely to be fraudulent.

If you receive any suspicious communication regarding Mercator events or publications, we suggest that you do not progress the conversation any further, and that you contact us immediately to inform us of the approach. On no account sign or fax back any forms.

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