Improved boxship concept launched

14 Mar 2011
The second phase of the Quantum container ship concept features LNG propulsion among other enhancements

The second phase of the Quantum container ship concept features LNG propulsion among other enhancements

DNV and MAN Diesel & Turbo have jointly launched the next stage of DNV’s Quantum concept ship, with improvements to the machinery and the hull design and arrangement.

The original Quantum container ship concept was introduced by DNV in 2010. The classification society says that the design was intended to open a debate about shipping innovation. It says that it had a positive response from MAN Diesel & Turbo, and over the past few months the engine manufacturer and the class society have worked closely together to move the concept one step nearer to becoming an actual ship.

The result is the Quantum 9000, which is claimed to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than existing ships without introducing major complications in building or operation. One major change is the engine, MAN Diesel & Turbo’s newly-developed a gas-fuelled two-stroke ME-GI engine. The dual-fuel engine allows Quantum 9000 to achieve full fuel flexibility and meet upcoming ECA requirements. DNV says that sufficient LNG fuel capacity can be provided to sail from East Asia to the east coast of the USA without loss of cargo space.

The overall energy efficiency is greater than existing conventional container ships, thanks to waste heat recovery, while exhaust gas circulation is employed to reduce emissions to air. Other improvements include a twin island arrangement, allowing increased cargo capacity, reduced need for ballast water, and improved sightline from the bridge.

Lars Ryberg Juliussen senior manager, MAN Diesel & Turbo, said: “By making simple modifications, we have achieved high fuel efficiency, high fuel flexibility and high reliability. The Quantum 9000 introduces LNG to the preferred container ship propulsion system and thus makes LNG more available to container ship owners.”

Eirik Byklum, DNV’s project manager, has been responsible for the second Quantum phase. “When we introduced this concept a year ago, we called it a concept ship. And it still is, but by improving the machinery as well as the hull design and arrangement, we have moved it one step closer to becoming a real ship,” he added.

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