Japanese to develop green engines

26 Oct 2010

Major Japanese engine builders are developing engines that produce less exhaust gasses in preparation for more stringent international emissions regulations in 2016.

Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding (MES) will begin testing a large next-generation, four-cylinder engine geared with de-nitrification equipment at its plant in Tamano in December. Its aim is to establish technology that re-circulates exhaust gases and create a system that reduces nitrogen oxide emissions using catalysts. If the de-nitrification equipment works as intended, it is expected to cut nitrogen oxide emissions by 80 per cent compared to conventional engines. Investment is expected to total around 1.5 billion yen ($18.4 million), some of which will be covered by grants from the Land Ministry.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will begin field testing a similar engine in spring 2012. The company has spent around 1 billion yen to install test facilities at its Kobe shipyard and, like Mitsui, is targeting an 80% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions.

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