Liferaft contract for WSS

10 Dec 2009

Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) has entered an agreement with German company DS-Schiffahrt / Quadrant Bereederung to supply liferafts to their entire fleet of 39 vessels.

In an agreement worth $200,000 per annum, the liferafts will be supplied within WSS?s unique Liferaft Exchange Agreement, which takes service-due liferafts off vessels and immediately replaces them with serviced ones. By avoiding a delay period where a vessel would have to wait for a liferaft to be serviced, the system both saves money and increases the operational efficiency of each single vessel.

The customer, believing that the system was ?too good to be true?, tested the service on nine vessels earlier in the year, and has now entered the entire fleet into the scheme. The fleet comprises 39 vessels (28 from DS-Schiffahrt and 11 from Quadrant Bereederung), which are operating globally.

The service system provides a dockside exchange of liferafts, ensuring that each vessel is always prepared for annual inspection and complies with safety legislation. After initial installation of their liferaft product, WSS simply removes and services the due-date liferafts and later installs them onto other vessels. The company handles all management and date alerts for each vessel to ensure that the liferafts are swopped in due time prior to the service date.

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