LNG and silencer equipment ordered for new ferry

21 Mar 2011

Wärtsilä has announced an extension contract from STX Finland for the supply of equipment for the world's biggest LNG fuelled passenger ferry, added to the order received at the beginning of March.

The ship is to be built for Finnish owner Viking Line, and the additional contract covers onboard LNG  storage and supply systems and an advanced compact silencer system. Wärtsilä is already supplying four gas-fuelled main engines and propulsion machinery for the same vessel, which will be built at the STX Turku shipyard, and is scheduled to enter service in 2013.

The LNGPac gas system comprises onboard liquid natural gas bunkering, two storage tanks, and handling equipment with related safety and automation systems. The scope of supply includes a patented cold recovery system, which uses the latent heat of LNG for the air conditioning systems. By reducing electrical consumption from the cooling compressors, the cold recovery system is claimed to bring significant operational savings and overall increased vessel efficiency.

The compact silencer system enables disturbing low frequency noise from the engines tol be eliminated, which Wärtsilä says is an important consideration because of the ship's sailing route through the islands of the Turku and Stockholm archipelagos.

The  dual-fuel engine technology will enable the ferry to sail without restrictions in emission control areas.

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