MAN PrimeServ maintenance agreement

07 May 2013
Flemming Frederichsen, sales manager EMC, PrimeServ, MAN Diesel and Turbo

Flemming Frederichsen, sales manager EMC, PrimeServ, MAN Diesel and Turbo

MAN Diesel and Turbo has signed an Engine Management Concept (EMC) agreement with German shipowner, Rörd Braren, covering three ships from the German fleet.

Under the EMC, which provides tailor made service solutions, MAN’s after sales service brand, PrimeServ, will service electronically controlled MAN B&W 6S40ME-B two stroke prime movers aboard the three vessels.

Flemming Frederichsen, sales manager EMC, PrimeServ Copenhagen, MAN Diesel and Turbo, told The Motorship: “They wanted to team up with us because it’s more of a support agreement than a traditional service agreement. We go onboard and inspect the ships every year but what’s most important is that they have online support 24/7 from Copenhagen, in cooperation with our German hub.”

“We provide Rörd Braren with maintenance management – controlling and planning of all resources and activities for their engines. We give them a maintenance plan and tell them what they need and how and when to do it.  I think the platform of technology is what means most. Rörd Braren has access to all technical knowledge from here,” he explained.

“We are very open, we show them our books and expect the same from their side. We want to get rid of this customer/provider relationship; we want a partnership, and would like to raise the level of maintenance for Rörd Braren,” he added.

MAN says the new agreement, which started at the beginning of 2013, will boost Rörd Braren’s technical organisation, enabling the company to increase its knowledge and improve its fleet’s productivity and availability.

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