MAN propeller agreement

07 Oct 2013
The Kappel propeller design offers fuel savings of up to 6%

The Kappel propeller design offers fuel savings of up to 6%

Dalian Marine Propeller Co Ltd (DMMP) is to produce and sell MAN Diesel and Turbo Alpha Kappel design propellers in China.

DMMP, which is part of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) Group, has already signed a Kappel design propeller contract with Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry.

Under the contract, DMMP will supply propellers for three pure car truck carriers (PCTC) owned by Höegh Autoliners.

Chen Baoqi, executive vice president, DMMP, said: “Entering into this agreement with MAN Diesel & Turbo, ensures and strengthens DMMP’s leading position in the market place and delivers the most efficient and environmentally friendly propeller solutions to our shipowners.”

Torben Johansen, head of propeller and aft ship, MAN Diesel and Turbo, added: “This agreement will greatly help us to penetrate the FP (fixed pitch) propeller market with our highly efficient Kappel design principle as DMMP is among the major suppliers of large-scale propellers for Chinese shipbuilding.”

MAN says the Kappel propeller blade design offers fuel savings of up to 6%.

The company also says the propellers have shown lower pressure impulses than conventional designs, which can be used for larger and more efficient propellers due to the reduced clearance between hull and propeller tip.

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