Meyer unveils LNG bunker barge

19 Dec 2013
Meyer's design for an LNG bunker barge

Meyer's design for an LNG bunker barge

German shipyard Meyer Werft – no stranger to tanker newbuildings despite being better known for its cruise ships - has completed the design draft for a flexible new LNG bunker barge, reports Tom Todd

Meyer spokesman Peter Hackmann revealed details of the barge exclusively to The Motorship on 19 December and said the new design will carry 5,000m³ of LNG divided into two storage tanks and will have a maximum bunker flow rate of 500m³ an hour with maximum discharge pressure set at 10 bar g.

Mr Hackmann reported that the figures were based on the assumption that a vessel with bunker capacity of 2000m³ LNG needed to take on LNG bunkers in 5-6 hours. That time frame included connecting the transfer system, pre-cooling, ramping up and down of transfer pumps and N2 purging of all piping and transfer hoses prior to disconnecting at the close of bunkering.

Along with its cruise ships, Meyer in Papenburg has built more than 50 LNG and chemical tankers since 1961 for customers like Veder, Harpain and Solvang and is also now a leading address for LPG tanker newbuildings. But this is believed to be the first LNG bunker vessel design to leave the versatile shipyard’s drawing board.

Mr Hackmann said Meyer Werft was taking part in LNG related research as part of BUNGAS, which is a national research project, initiated by GL in 2011 and sponsored by the German Ministry of Economy. Grouping MAN Diesel, DNV, AIDA Cruises and Linde as well as Meyer the project is designed to find an LNG bunkering solution which can compete with fuel oil bunkering.

Meyer Werft’s task was to deliver not only the design and draft of the bunker station on a receiving vessel but also the design draft of the LNG bunker barge, Mr Hackmann added.

During studies the whole process from the LNG terminal to the bunkering of a receiving vessel was subjected to detailed survey which resulted in the finalised design of the LNG Barge.

Mr Hackmann said the new vessel will be 104m long, 18.4m wide (moulded) with a design draught of 5m and a gross tonnage of 5600gt.

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