MHI completes engine test facility

09 Jul 2012
MHI’s 4UE-X3 test engine has been unveiled in Kobe

MHI’s 4UE-X3 test engine has been unveiled in Kobe

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has announced the completion of its full-scale test facility for low-speed, two-stroke marine diesel engines, known as 4UE-X3, at the company's Kobe Shipyard and Machinery Works in Japan.

MHI says that the new facility will be used for testing of technologies to respond to stringent environmental regulations that are expected to be applied to the shipping industry in the future, including testing of the recently-announced UEC-LSGi dual-fuel LNG/HFO low-speed marine diesel technology.

The 4-cylinder test engine with a cylinder bore of 600mm is based on the Mitsubishi UEC60LSE-Eco design, with 2,400mm stroke and an output of 9,970kW at 105rpm. It will be mostly employed in testing NOx reduction methods for IMO Tier III compliance, such as exhaust gas recirculation. MHI says it has already tested SCR technology at sea, and has achieved the 80% reduction in NOx required by Tier III.

MHI adds that the test engine will also prove invaluable in testing energy-saving technology. MHI is currently promoting its ‘Project MEET’ (Mitsubishi Marine Energy & Environmental Technical Solution System), which will involve verification of waste heat recovery methods, and organic Rankine cycle technology.

Adjoining the test bed, a training facility has been set up, which will be made available for maintenance training for customers.

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