MHI seeks to ramp up cruise repair work

12 Dec 2012
‘Fuji Maru’; booked for docking at MHI in Yokohama

‘Fuji Maru’; booked for docking at MHI in Yokohama

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries reports that the increasing profile of the cruise business in Asia is leading MHI to strengthen its cruise ship repair and conversion business, having taken two orders for work on cruise vessels.

MHI says that it has become increasingly important for cruise companies, both Japanese and foreign, to differentiate their services and enhance their responsiveness to customer needs. Against this backdrop, MHI has received orders from Mitsui OSK Passenger Line (MOPAS) and Nippon Charter Cruise (NCC) for repair and conversion work on the Nippon Maru and Fuji Maru, respectively. The work will be performed at MHI's Yokohama Dockyard and Machinery Works in Kanagawa.

The work will be carried out in line with the medium- to long-range maintenance plans of MOPAS and NCC  to ramp up ship safety and passenger comfort. The Yokohama Dockyard has previously undertaken a major conversion of the Nippon Maru in 2010, and this time round will perform, as well as routine survey, a galley upgrade and conversion to LED lighting as an energy-saving measure. Under the new orders, work on the Fuji Maru is scheduled for the period 14 December 14 to 26 December, and on the Nippon Maru from 15 January to 27 January.

Both ships were built at MHI's Kobe yard. The Fuji Maru, which entered service in 1989, was the first cruise ship manufactured in Japan in the post-war era. The 23,235gt, 167m long and 24m wide ship has 163 cabins. The Nippon Maru, the third ship of this name, went into operation in 1990; it has 202 cabins and features a 166.65m long, 24m wide hull of 22,472gt.

According to MHI, its Yokohama Dockyard is Japan’s only dedicated repair and conversion yard with a track record of servicing American and European cruise ships. MHI claims to be the sole domestic company that has built cruise ships for foreign operators, at its Nagasaki Shipyard. The company hopes to establish a competitive and advantageous position in the expanding market for repair and conversion of cruise ships.

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