MOL in condition monitoring research projects

10 Nov 2017

Main engines, as well as components such as pumps and purifiers, will be the subject of a condition monitoring research project conducted by Mitsui OSK Lines and Asahi Kasei Engineering Corporation.

The project is intended to verify predictive detection of abnormalities in marine rotary machineries using vibrating sensors. It will focus on the use of vibrating sensors to monitor the condition of key auxiliaries, such as pumps or purifiers, on a car carrier and VLCC that are under construction.

The participants expect the project to create a standalone onboard monitoring system as well as allowing data to be incorporated into the fleet monitor platform developed by Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co, which has already been installed on around 60 ships. The project will draw upon vibrating sensor analysis technology that AEC has accumulated in on-land plants, and verify its effectiveness in onboard applications.

As part of the project an abrasion test of vibrating sensors for marine propulsion main engines, power generators, and propeller shaft bearings, will be conducted using the power generator engine owned by MOL’s Technology Research Center. The project will fall under class society ClassNK’s programme of joint industry and academic initatives.

The project is part of MOL’s wider ‘Ishin Next’ smart ship programme. Knowledge and expertise gained through the development and operation of this technology will be fed back to various type of ships, the company said.