More orders for B.Delta designs

10 May 2013

Finnish company Deltamarin has announced several new orders for ships to its B.Delta bulk carrier designs.

An order for B.Delta43 ships, for German ship owner HBC Hamburg Bulk Carriers to be built at CSC Qingshan Shipyard in China includes three firm ships plus options. This is the first order for the 43,000dwt version of the B.Delta family. The design is a double hull bulk carrier with shallow draught and good manoeuvring capabilities intended for operation in restricted water depths, and with high energy efficiency and low fuel consumption. Length oa is 189.99m and beam 30.0m, with cargo carrying capacity of 54,000m³. Service speed at design draught is 14.0 knots, and model tests suggested that daily fuel oil consumption at design draught of 18.1 t including 15% sea margin, ISO conditions, can be expected. The calculated EEDI for the B.Delta43 is more than 25% below the required limit.

Tunisian owner Transbulk has placed an order for two B.Delta37 ships at Yangfan shipyard, again with options. The ships’ main dimensions are 179.99m overall length and 30.0m beam with cargo capacity of 50,000m³. At design draught and service speed of 14.0 knots daily fuel oil consumption should be 17.7t including 15% sea margin, ISO conditions, with EEDI calculated to meet present and forthcoming requirements.

Additionally, China Navigation Company (CNCo) has lifted an option for another four B.Delta37 vessels with box-shaped holds at Chengxi Shipyard, Italian ship owner d'Amico an option for one more open-hatch B.Delta37 at Yangfan Shipyard, and MTM Group at the CSIC/Xingang shipyard has lifted an option for two standard B.Delta37s. These new additions bring the total order book for B.Delta designs and their derivates to 59 vessels, all at Chinese shipyards

Deltamarin will produce basic design, part of detail design and technical procurement handling for the shipyards. The design has focused on fuel efficiency, with a combination of hull form, propeller, rudder and main engine solutions. Two ships delivered so far, Rt Hon. Paul E Martin and Balto, for CSL International and Klaveness respectively, have performed according to expectations.

French shipbroker Barry Rogliano Salles has provided assistance in marketing all of the B.Delta designs.

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