MTU and Akasol collaborate on energy storage

22 Jul 2015
Lothar Holder, executive managing director, Akasol:

Lothar Holder, executive managing director, Akasol: "For us, this is a quantum leap"

MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH is joining forces with Darmstadt-based Akasol GmbH to develop battery systems for MTU’s hybrid and e-drive propulsion systems.

With the help of Akasol battery systems, MTU says it will extend its current product range with hybrid propulsion systems for mobile applications in the marine, heavy duty ground vehicles and rail sector.

“This partnership gives us completely new opportunities to further the development of high-performance lithium-ion battery systems. For us, this is a quantum leap,” said Lothar Holder, executive managing director, Akasol.

“Energy storage for hybrid propulsions of off-highway-applications enlarges our system expertise to another fundamental component for the future. Together with our partner we are able to perform as a supplier for complete systems,” added Christos Ramnialis, executive vice president of sales, service and network at MTU Friedrichshafen.

Akasol, a subsidiary of Schulz Group (Tettnang), develops mobile and stationary high-performance battery-systems and is one of the leading manufacturers of Li-ion battery systems for high performance applications.

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