MTU upgrades series 1163 engines

02 Dec 2010
The MTU 20V 1163 marine engine

The MTU 20V 1163 marine engine

Tognum company MTU Friedrichshafen has announced an upgrade to its series 1163 marine engines, which will enable them to comply with the IMO Tier 2 and IMO Tier 3 emissions limits.

All of the major engine features which the company says are crucial for customers, such as the claimed best power-to-weight ratio and acceleration characteristics in its class, its compact physical dimensions and the engine interface with the vessel, will remain unchanged. That, says MTU, means that additional options such as resilient mounts or an acoustic enclosure can continue to be used in the future. The two-stage turbocharging technology will be retained, but the company says its efficiency will be further optimised.

New features introduced as part of the upgrade are the common rail injection system (1,800bar injection pressure), the ADEC electronic engine management system which has previously been used on series 2000 and 4000 engines, and a new combustion process. Compliance with IMO Tier 2 emissions regulations, which entered into force from 2011, is achieved, according to MTU, by using only in-engine technology and without exhaust after-treatment. The new engines meet latest classification society requirements covering, for example, low noise emissions, high shock resistance and shielding against electromagnetic influences.

MTU believes that IMO Tier 3 emissions regulations, to be introduced in 2016, will most probably be met by using a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. This ensures that in future, the engines will be able to continue to operate in emission control areas (ECAs).

The three cylinder configurations (12V, 16V and 20V) in the 1163 engine family cover a performance range from 4,440 to 7,400kW at 1,300 rpm. With a 230mm bore and 280mm stroke, the series gets its name from its per-cylinder capacity of 11.63 litres. Existing series 1163 engines are in service in both civilian and defence applications ranging from catamaran ferries to coast guard vessels.

“The 1163 family will be carrying on its success story and the future version will be even cleaner and more fuel-efficient than the present engine generation,” said Rainer Breidenbach, Tognum executive board member with responsibility for the engines business unit.

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