New deep water dredger

18 Sep 2012

'St Pierre'

Societe de Transports de Fluvio Maritime de l'Ouest in France has taken delivery of a new trailing suction dredger with advanced features. This 84m long dredger was built by STX Lorient which specialises in building one-off vessels of unique design, writes Dag Pike.

The complex design of this dredger was developed in conjunction with Holland MT, a specialist Dutch designer of dredgers and their equipment. This dredger will be used mainly for the recovery of sand from offshore deposits for use by the building industry and it has the capability to recover sand from depths of up to 45 metres. This is an extreme depth for sand recovery operations and the vessel has been designed to operate at distances of 15 miles offshore, enabling her to exploit new sources of sand from offshore deposits in these deeper waters.

The vessel has an aft accommodation block and a raised forecastle. The beam is 15.6 metres and the vessel has a loaded draft of six metres when operating at her maximum payload of 4000 tonnes. This equates to a cargo volume of 2000 cubic metres. The hold of the dredger has been maximised to produce the maximum payload for these offshore operations so that the productivity of the dredger can optimised.

The two main engines produce a total of 3870 kW to give an operating speed of 13 knots. The submerged pump on the end of the trailing suction pipe is a 800 kW unit and the discharge pump used to transfer the sand ashore operates at 1600 kW

The main section of the steel hull was built at the STX yard in Romania with the remainder of the hull, the superstructure and the fitting out being done at the STX yard in Lorient.

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