New propulsion technology

20 Aug 2013
CSIC's new technology is expected to modernise China's shipbuilding sector

CSIC's new technology is expected to modernise China's shipbuilding sector

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) has developed an integrated electric propulsion technology that will modernise the nation’s shipbuilding, say local media reports.

It is understood that the company’s Wuhan Institute of Marine Electric Propulsion finalised the technology in mid-July to help the sector move away from depending on imported parts in manufacturing ships.

The majority of surface vessels in China are said to use mechanical transmissions and be propelled by a motor or an engine spinning a propeller, while many western countries have adopted gas turbines or diesel generators that produce electricity to power electric motors.

The new technology should help resolve China’s engine problems in its naval vessels. One of the main problems is thought to be the lack of companies who can make gas turbines to support long distance journeys.

Until now, the Chinese navy is said to have been importing foreign engines for its ships.

HMS Queen Elizabeth, which is expected to start sea trials in 2017, is thought to be the first carrier to adopt integrated electric propulsion.

This new technology is the latest in CSIC’s attempt to help modernise the sector. Back in February, one of the company’s research institutions received State approval and funding to begin research on core technologies for nuclear-powered ships.

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