New Ratings for MaK M 25 C

06 Dec 2013
MaK’s M 25 C has received a 5% power upgrade

MaK’s M 25 C has received a 5% power upgrade

Caterpillar Marine has announced increased power ratings for the MaK M 25 C propulsion engine, to be made available from the end of 2014.

In addition to a 5% power increase, to 350kW/cylinder, the uprated M 25 C will offer reduced part load fuel consumption and improved engine load response capabilities.

The M 25 C will be offered in six-, eight- and nine-cylinder configurations, all of which will meet IMO Tier II emissions regulations. The engine is designed to support SCR systems to comply with IMO Tier III. It will feature Caterpillar’s MACS (monitoring alarm and control system) which will provide additional functionality regarding engine control, diagnostics and remote monitoring, including the option to extend these functions for SCR systems.

“It was critical for us to engineer efficiency, loading capabilities and power improvements into the platform without sacrificing the durability and reliability the M 25 C is known for throughout the industry,” said Detlef Kirste, Caterpillar Marine MaK product definition manager. “We wanted to give our customers increased operational flexibility which do support state of the art propulsion technologies and the new M 25 C is designed for both traditional mechanical-and electric propulsion systems as well as electric propulsion systems, which do require variable engine speed capabilities.”

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