New scrubber from Finland comes to market

03 Jun 2014
6,500dwt cargo ship ‘Laura’, which has successfully tested the DeltaLangh scrubber

6,500dwt cargo ship ‘Laura’, which has successfully tested the DeltaLangh scrubber

A new exhaust gas cleaning unit has been launched to the market by DeltaLangh, a joint venture between Finnish companies Oy Langh Ship and Deltamarin.

The new scrubber is said to offer a cost effective and reliable solution to the forthcoming ECA sulphur requirements which enter into force in 2015. The unit is of closed loop type, and it includes a water treatment unit that cleans the scrubber’s washing water, resulting in minimal water content in residual sludge.

Langh Ship, which operates five multi-purpose cargo ships, decided to develop its own scrubber system, using experience from a water treatment system company in the same family-owned group, Industrial and Ship Cleaning Services. The first system has been trialled for one year so far on Langh Ship’s 6,500dwt Laura, built by Sietas in 1996 and powered by a 6,000kW main engine. As a result of these successful trials, the DeltaLangh joint venture has been formed, using Deltamarin’s project management and design capabilities to bring the product to the market. Langh Ship’s other four vessels will be the first to be equipped with the new production version of the DeltaLangh scrubber which is classified by DNV GL.

The Laura system is said to have been fully functional throughout the one-year trial period, which included operation in Baltic winter and ice conditions. “The scrubber has proved to be very easy to operate, stable and does not add much extra workload for the crew”, said Langh Ship’s senior technical adviser Reino Verosaari.

“When we heard about the new innovative solution that Langh Ship had come up with, we knew that this was the product Deltamarin wants to be involved in”, said Mika Laurilehto, Deltamarin MD.

“The scrubber has been such a success that we are sure it will benefit other ship owners as well,” said Laura Langh-Lagerlöf, Langh Ship commercial manager.

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