Novenco and Alfa Laval join forces for fuel treatment

25 Jul 2011
Novenco’s QCM chiller unit

Novenco’s QCM chiller unit

Novenco and Alfa Laval are collaborating on a new complete fuel oil cooling system, intended specifically for the treatment of low-sulphur marine fuel oils.

The system, to be known as the Alfa Laval advanced cooling system (ACS), is designed to allow ships to safely operate with any quality of low sulphur fuel oil (LSFO). ACS is specially designed for easy installation in restricted space areas.

At the heart of the system is a QCM chiller unit from Novenco, which delivers chilled water to an Alfa Laval fuel conditioning module (FCM) at a stable temperature, enabling accurate control of fuel oil viscosity in all conditions. Novenco says that using the system, the viscosity of LSFO can be controlled accurately regardless of seawater temperature, a capability which is becoming important due to tightening ECA restrictions. The company says that  ships require a fuel system that conditions LSFO sufficiently to ensure safe operation of all machinery; without this, many geographical areas could fall outside safe operational limits.

Alfa Laval and Novenco report  a steady increase in the demand for ACS. The reference list of commissioned systems is considerable and covers all ship types. The joint development started in March 2010 and the two companies signed an official partnership agreement on November 23rd the same year.The close co-operation between the two companies extends to customer support and service.

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