Online searchable energy efficiency tool launched

23 May 2012
CTech provides a searchable web-based ship energy efficiency resource

CTech provides a searchable web-based ship energy efficiency resource

Marine market intelligence specialist Fathom has launched CTech, described as a tool to collate and review maritime clean technologies and providers as part of a fully searchable, real-time intelligence resource.

CTech is claimed to be the first online tool that provides a fully searchable and impartial critical analysis of all available eco-efficiency technologies for the shipping industry. Supported by BIMCO, the web-based tool enables users to examine, compare and contrast technology providers, as well as access emissions savings calculators, case studies and peer reviews. 

Fathom says that clean technologies are booming amid spiralling bunker fuel costs and are, as such, constantly under development with new results, announcements and developments every day. With the launch of CTech, ship owners and operators, as well as other decision makers including charterers, financiers and investors, will have access to the latest intelligence on technologies and their providers, enabling them to make informed decisions. 

Alison Jarabo, managing director of Fathom, commented: “Investing in the right technologies can save ship owners and operators millions of dollars. But right now the maritime community faces a vast information void when it comes to having access to the right information and objective insight that can help them make these vital decisions.”

Lars Robert Pedersen, deputy secretary general of BIMCO, who support the initiative, said: “In the current economic and regulatory environment, improving technical and operational efficiencies is becoming a vital consideration. BIMCO believes that CTech is a promising initiative that owners and operators can use to explore a wide range of possible options and inform the decisions they make to realise these efficiencies. BIMCO was pleased to support Fathom in the publication of Ship Efficiency: The Guide and maintain its commitment by supporting the launch of this next-generation, online platform.”

CTech is the evolution of Ship Efficiency: The Guide, published by Fathom to identify shipping's clean tech community. Fully searchable on key parameters such as ship type, technology type, company and retrofit or newbuild, CTech gives members access to independent reviews, analysis of the technologies, savings potential, ROI period and viability. 

CTech’s interactive functionality enables members to submit updates, reviews, case studies and questions about particular technologies, which will be reviewed by the CTech team before going live to the site. CTech will keep members up-to-date on clean technology market developments with daily industry news, market insight articles and blogs included in the £250 / $350 annual subscription.

Jarabo added: “Organisations, tasked with the huge responsibility of steering through some of the most challenging market conditions ever known, now have instant access to the information that can help improve operational performance, efficiencies and profitability with just the few clicks of a mouse. Moreover CTech will provide a knowledge-sharing community that builds daily and grows in depth and breadth in a beta tool that will include peer review tools, report updates and information sharing tools."

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