Remontowa Shipbuilding signs Estonian ferry deal

04 Nov 2014
Estonian ferry design by Remontowa

Estonian ferry design by Remontowa

Poland’s Remontowa Shipbuilding will supply two ferries to Estonia’s Port of Tallinn. The shipyard says the vessels can be converted to run on liquefied natural gas (LNG), writes Jaroslaw Adamowski.

The shipyard says that the ferries will be of 114m length overall, with capacity for up to 150 passenger vehicles and 600 passengers onboard.

“The order awarded by the Port of Tallinn is opening a new market for us in the northern part of the Baltic Sea. We expect that this deal will result in the future with further orders for the construction of modern vessels from operators in Estonia and Finland,” said a Remontowa spokesperson.

The contract value was not disclosed by the Polish shipbuilder. The vessels are scheduled for delivery to the Port of Tallinn in 2016, according to the company.

Based in Gdansk, on the Polish Baltic Sea shore, the shipyard says it specialises in shipbuilding projects for vessels of up to 130m in length. The company is operated by a workforce of close to 2,000. To date, Remontowa Shipbuilding has built some 50 ferries, according to data released by the firm.

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