Seal gets cooling water pump approval

06 Feb 2012
IHC Lagersmit’s Liquidine seal

IHC Lagersmit’s Liquidine seal

Dutch company IHC Lagersmit says that its Liquidyne pump shaft seal has been included in Shell Global Solutions’ TAMAP (technically accepted manufacturers and products) list for use with cooling water pumps.

IHC Lagersmit, part of IHC Merwede, supplies seals for rotating shafts on ships and other equipment. The company says the Liquidyne water-lubricated lip seal was originally developed for dredging pumps and has been adapted to fit cooling water pumps. According to IHC, the continuous monitoring capability of the actual state of the Liquidyne seals enables Shell to plan maintenance of its cooling water pumps. This prevents unnecessary maintenance and sudden pump failure, enhancing reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

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