Slow steaming sea trials verify hybrid turbocharger concept

04 Jun 2014
MHI MME’s MET66MAG-VTI turbocharger

MHI MME’s MET66MAG-VTI turbocharger

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ Marine Machinery & Engine Co has run sea trials of its hybrid turbocharger with electric-assist function and variable turbine inlet, proving that power consumption can be further reduced at slow steaming

The first unit is fitted to a car carrier built by Shin Kurushima Dockyard. The ship sea trials showed that by using the electric-assist function, the ship will be able to save energy consumption substantially at slow steaming by reducing auxiliary blower operation. The turbocharger combines electric generation with VTI in addition to the electric assist function.

Following the recent trials, similar turbochargers of type MET66MAG-VTI will be installed the yard’s next two car carriers. MHI reports that it has now received orders for six MET66MAG-VTIs in total.

The hybrid turbocharger incorporates high-speed generators and employs exhaust gas waste energy to provide up to 5% of main engine output.

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