Smaller package from Alfa Laval

01 Jul 1999

Alfa Laval has launched its Separation Unit range which is a complete package comprising separator, a sludge removal kit, control cabinet and ancillary components mounted on a single base. In addition to reducing the overall volume by more than 5m3 and saving 1.5t, the new unit does not have to be mounted over a sludge tank.

Seven sizes cover the throughputs up to 10,000 litre/hr and the same units are used to handle HFO, lub oil and MDO (cutting down on training and spares requirements). There are only six connections to be made for oil, water, air and electricity leading to savings of installation costs in the region of $9,500 per installation, says the company.

Operating costs are said to be cut by 50 per cent over three years due to 12,000 hours service intervals and reduced spares requirement. Opening the separator bowl is achieved using a compression tool and an Allen key, making the locking spanner and hammer redundant.

With a much reduced water content, the sludge discharge is said to be only a fraction of that from the previous generation and a small handling tank is provided to hold the waste until it is pumped to the storage tank.


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