Spares company boss imprisoned

01 Jun 2010

The controversy over 'unofficial' spare parts from a few years ago looks likely to reignite after the imprisonment of the managing director of a separator spares company.

Alfa Laval Tumba reports that a one year suspended prison sentence for contempt of court was imposed in 2009 against the managing director of a spares company. The accused was sentenced after attempting to obstruct the execution of a Court Search Order obtained by Alfa Laval which required disclosure of the whereabouts of documents containing confidential technical drawings.

The High Court in London has now lifted the suspension because the accused had failed to comply with undertakings given to the court, and the accused, Mark Pacy, has been sent to prison for six months. The case is attracting attention because it involves not a Far Eastern 'pirate' manufacturer, but a UK company, Separator Spares International Ltd (SSI), based on the Isle of Wight, of which Pacy is the former managing director.

“We take this very seriously”, said Magnus Nordin, general manager parts and service equipment at Alfa Laval. “We can never accept illegal attainment and use of our drawings or other infringements of our intellectual property.”

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