Steel supplier signs contract with Wärtsilä

02 Dec 2010

The Stavanger-based Scana Industrier ASA has, through its subsidiary Scana Steel Björneborg in Sweden, signed a one-year contract with Wärtsilä Propulsion for supply of forgings for propeller shaft lines during 2011.

The agreement covers the supply of propeller shafts and intermediate shafts for vessels. 

Scana and Wärtsilä are strengthening the connection and cooperation between the companies with this contract. Scana Steel Björneborg has a long history as a supplier to Wärtsilä, who demands high quality forged shafts for their product application. Therefore, Scana sees this long-term cooperation and the new contract as recognition of Scana Steel Björneborg's position as a world class steel supplier.

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