STX begins build of multipurpose ship

11 Aug 2011
First steel is cut at STX Turku for the new Finnish multi-purpose ship

First steel is cut at STX Turku for the new Finnish multi-purpose ship

STX Finland’s Turku shipyard has started production of an innovative and versatile multi-purpose deck cargo vessel (NB 1379) ordered by Finnish company Oy Gaiamare Ab.

The environmentally friendly specialised ship will be delivered during spring 2012. It has a length of 105m and a width of 19m, and the build will provide work for about 300 persons.

The BV-classed vessel is designed to a high technical specification for transport of demanding and heavy project cargo, such as offshore wind farm structures. The ship is suitable for transporting wood for energy use in the Baltic Sea region. The multi-purpose deck cargo vessel is designed to operate as an oil spill response vessel, both at open sea and in the archipelago. STX points out that the diesel electric propulsion system supports the diverse utilisation of the ship, while being energy efficient and low in carbon emissions.

The vessel is claimed to have numerous innovations such as a diesel electric propulsion that is designed to use alternative bio-oils as fuel. Additionally, it features a so-called ‘double acting ship’ (DASTM) mode, which means it can run ahead and astern in ice. The ice class 1A vessel, which can operate all year round, has tanks of about 2700 m³ for recovered oil, which will significantly increase the storage capacity of the current Finnish oil spill response fleet.

“This technically highly advanced vessel is very important for Turku shipyard. The project will also promote production in Turku shipyard. During the fall, we will also start the production of the cruise ferry for Viking Line. The design and purchase processes of the multipurpose deck cargo vessel have gone according to plan. Cooperation between the shipyard, the client, the classification society and the material and unit suppliers has worked very well”, says Jari Anttila, director of STX Turku Shipyard.  

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