Super long stroke engines to be built in China

22 Jul 2011
The TCA turbocharger, helping the ME-C9 engine produce superior fuel efficiency

The TCA turbocharger, helping the ME-C9 engine produce superior fuel efficiency

MAN Diesel & Turbo reports that an order has been placed for up to 25 new ships which will be powered by MAN’s super long stroke S90ME-C9 engines, to be built by Chinese licensee CMD.

The order from Seaspan Corporation of Canada is for seven 10,000TEU containerships, with an option for 25 more newbuildngs. The ships are to be built by Jiangsu YangZiJiang Shipbuilding; each ship will have a 10-cylinder main engine. The MAN B&W 10S90ME-C9.2 engines to be installed in Seaspan’s newbuildings will in addition feature MAN TCA turbochargers built in Augsburg, Germany.

According to MAN, container ships in the 8,000TEU to 10,000TEU range have opted for its K98 type engine. Energy efficiency optimisation in the market has led to such ships sailing at lower speeds, and this trend has led to the adoption of larger propellers driven by engines rotating at even lower speeds. By adapting the aft hull design to accommodate larger propellers, ship designers have been able to achieve an expected overall efficiency gain of around 7% with a slower-speed, longer stroke engine optimised for reduced ship speed, in comparison with the conventional engine choice.

Canada based Seaspan Shipmanagement and MAN Diesel & Turbo collaborated closely on the choice of main engine for its expanding fleet of newbuilding container ships. MAN says that the owner initially considered the MAN B&W K98ME-C engine, but ultimately settled for the super long stroke 10S90ME-C9 type on account of its superior fuel efficiency, a choice that required a redesign of the newbuildings’ aft-ship to accommodate the lower engine rpm and larger propeller diameter. Seaspan has previously built ships at YangZiJiang Shipbuilding with 6K80MC-C engines built by CMD in China.

Ole Grøne, senior vice president promotion & sales, MAN Diesel & Turbo said: “We continuously keep a close eye on developments and trends within the shipping sector and have watched with interest the increasing demand for lower engine speeds and larger propeller diameters within the container segment. While our portfolio of engines already matches a broad reach of requirements, we have specifically introduced the super long-stroke S90ME-C9 to market to satisfy current trends and are very happy with its immediate adoption in the major shipbuilding markets.”

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