Three Greek tankers docked at Gibdock

05 Sep 2014

Piraeus-based Aegean Maritime Petroleum Network Inc (AMPNI) recently contracted Gibraltar yard Gibdock to carry out repairs to three of its tank vessels.

The 1991-built, 7,030dwt tanker Aegean Princess was drydocked on 10 June for a 10-day package of works. The most critical element of the project was a full overhaul and repairs to the vessel’s aft mooring winch. In addition Gibdock carried out work to the sea valves, engine coolers and anchor cable and a full hull cleaning and paint job.

Sister ships Halkiand Nisyrus, 6,270dwt double hull bunker tankers built in 2011 and 2010 respectively, were both docked in July. Halkiwas drydocked for damage repairs to its bulbous bow and for hull washing, while Gibdock fitted a new main engine block on Nisyrus in place of a damaged item. At the same time the tanker’s sea valves were overhauled, the anchor cable refurbished and shipboard cranes tested. Finally the vessel received a full hull blasting, washing and painting job.

All three of the vessels operate in the Bay of Gibraltar. Andreas Papapostolou, fleet manager for AMPNI division, Aegean Bunkering Services, said: “It was logical to select Gibdock for the work given its proximity to our business. There were cheaper options available, but we know Gibdock deliver on time and carry out work to the proper standard. Of course there were moments of tension during the course of each project, but they were all quickly resolved thanks to the good working relationship we have developed. We are happy with the end result and that is why we go back to Gibdock.”

All three ships were docked within the space of just over a month, which Gibdock says reflects its success in attracting business from the important Greek shipowner sector. The yard attributes this to quality of service, re-delivery time and its location.

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