Training modules for gas systems

11 Aug 2011
E-learning is now available for Hamworthy’s gas system customers

E-learning is now available for Hamworthy’s gas system customers

Marine and offshore fluid handling company Hamworthy has launched a new learning initiative aimed at offering tailor-made training packages for its end users.

The service, Hamworthy Academy, includes a range of courses which are designed to provide training for the company’s equipment and comprise e-based learning packages backed up by investment in hands-on facilities.

Hands-on training is currently available from Hamworthy’s Norwegian facility in Moss, which includes performance testing of its largest inert gas systems. The company has developed crew training simulators for its LPG cargo handling system, LNG reliquefaction system and VOC recovery system. Simulator-based training can be arranged in training centres in various locations.

Via the academy's purpose-built website, customers will be able to administer their own learning and development by downloading learning material, supported by tests and verified through certification. Courses can be delivered in the classroom or via e-learning. Initially training will focus of the company's range of oil and gas products.

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