Two-stroke LNG package unveiled in Korea

13 Nov 2012
FGSS demonstration test in Ulsan, Korea, on 12 November

FGSS demonstration test in Ulsan, Korea, on 12 November

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has announced that it successfully carried out the world’s first full scale demonstration test of the ME-GI low speed dual fuel marine engine, in combination with Hi-Gas, at its Ulsan plant.

HHI says that its independent LNG fuel gas supply (FGSS), Hi-Gas (Hyundai integrated gas supply) system) allows MAN B&W-design two-stroke marine engines to use diesel and LNG for fuel, resulting in reduced exhaust emissions. The Hi-Gas system can typically be used in LNG carriers, containerships, and oil tankers.

HHI points out that the IMO’s lower SOx limits will come into force in ECAs on 1 January 2015, therefore the company believes that the market for its LNG FGSS will be extended worldwide. Current ECAs include the US, the Baltic, and the North Sea and English Channel.

Mr. Lee Tae-young, vice president of HHI’s engine and machinery division said: “There are numerous inquiries regarding the FGSS. This FGSS will give us marketing leverage for new shipbuilding order as IMO regulations begin in earnest.”

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