Upgraded engine tested to Tier II rules

07 Mar 2011

Wärtsilä reports that its first upgraded RT-flex68-D engine equipped with a VTG turbocharger has been successfully tested at Doosan in Korea and found to be fully compliant with IMO Tier II regulations.

The main objective with the upgrade was to give the engine a slimmer outline to suit installation requirements for new-generation container ships with fine afterbody lines. This is achieved primarily by introducing a simplified supply unit and a new design for the scavenge air receiver, as well as RT-flex components. The addition of  a variable turbine geometry (VTG) turbocharger provides extended flexibility over a broader load range, again in line with current container ship operating requirements. Further benefits resulting from the design change are simpler manufacturing and improved maintenance, with a greater commonality of parts with other engine types.

The RT-flex electronic control system used in combination with the VTG turbocharger enables more efficient operation and a better BSFC over an extended load range, allowing the engine to comply with IMO Tier II emission regulations without undue increase in fuel consumption.

The tested engine, rated 21,910kW MCR at 95 rpm, is the first of eight for installation in eight ships for a Chinese owner.

"With this development, Wärtsilä is able to offer a technological solution for lowering emission levels from marine engines, whilst at the same time offering a cost effective product. This is in line with our efforts to enhance sustainable shipping, and we see great demand for it in the current market," says Anders Eklund, director, product engineering in product centre 2-stroke, Wärtsilä Industrial Operations.

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