Wärtsilä concludes new LNG ship maintenance contract

01 Jul 2011

Wärtsilä has announced a technical management contract, based on its dynamic maintenance planning concept, covering six LNG carriers operated by Greek ship manager and LNG shipping specialist Ceres LNG Services.

The five-year contract covers engine dynamic maintenance planning for a total of 24 Wärtsilä 50DF dual-fuel engines in six LNG carriers. Dynamic maintenance planning is intended to offer a significant reduction in operating costs by applying predictive maintenance principles and by optimising engine performance. With this order, a total of 80 50DF engines powering LNG carriers are under Wärtsilä dynamic maintenance planning contracts.

The concept is based on a condition monitoring system developed by Wärtsilä, in which operational data and parameters are continuously fed into a database and then evaluated at Wärtsilä's condition based maintenance centre. The maintenance needs are thus predicted based on the actual condition of the equipment, while the optimal operational parameters can also be determined. The company claims that this system, in conjunction with annual visits and onboard inspections, gives the flexibility for maintenance intervals to be amended according to actual need. Service work and spare parts availability can be arranged accordingly, which simplifies planning and should avoid unnecessary costs and downtime.

"Wärtsilä's dynamic maintenance planning will enable our company and our customers to benefit from optimised availability, increased lifecycle efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs for our engines. Wärtsilä's technology, global presence, and local support will help us to achieve this task," says Sallis Theofanis, Ceres LNG technical manager. 

"With dynamic maintenance planning we combine the latest in condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and efficient maintenance planning, with the latest in engine technology to achieve a complete system solution that maximises the availability of the engines without compromising reliability," says Dimitris Mitsopoulos, account manager, Wärtsilä Services in Greece.

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