Wärtsilä SCR breakthrough in China

17 Mar 2015
The high-pressure SCR configuration was developed by Winterthur Gas & Diesel and Hudong Heavy Machinery Co

The high-pressure SCR configuration was developed by Winterthur Gas & Diesel and Hudong Heavy Machinery Co

Wärtsilä is to supply its first two-stroke engine with high-pressure SCR system built in China to a new 22,000dwt multi-purpose vessel under construction at the Ouha Shipyard for China Navigation Co (CNCo).

The five-cylinder Wärtsilä RT-flex58T-D two-stroke, low speed engine was produced by Hudong Heavy Machinery (HHM). The SCR system was developed by Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD), the power company’s joint venture with China State Shipbuilding Company, and built by HHM. It is said to be the first that complies with IMO’s Tier III regulations on NOx emissions.
Andrew Stump, vice president product management at WinGD said: "WinGD is committed to an ongoing testing and improvement programme on all areas of Tier III compliance. This first China produced high-pressure SCR is an important milestone among many more to come."

Wärtsilä’s NOx Reducer SCR system, developed in the late 1990s, injects a solution of urea into the exhaust gas flow to react with and eliminate NOx emissions. The company said the high-pressure configuration - located between the engine exhaust valves and the turbocharger turbine inlet - provides the most compact and efficient system without compromising engine performance or impacting fuel consumption.

Zhou Weizhong, executive director of R&D at HHM added "We have been working on development of the SCR with major designers during the past three years and now the cooperation with WinGD shows what is possible.”
Martin Cresswell, fleet director of CNCo, reported that the company will take delivery of 15 new vessels during 2015, all of which will be fitted with Wärtsilä RT-flex built by HHM.
The test bed trials were approved by Lloyds Register. "These trials show that the technology to produce IMO Tier III compliant engines is actually available and hence give confidence that IMO Tier III certified engines will be ready for January 1, 2016," says John Bradshaw, principal technical specialist, Lloyds Register.

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