Wind farm catamaran unveiled

12 Apr 2011
Damen’s Twin Axe-bow catamaran for wind farm service operations

Damen’s Twin Axe-bow catamaran for wind farm service operations

Damen Shipyards of The Netherlands says that it is currently finalising the first ‘Twin Axe’ catamaran to support offshore wind farms.

Damen believes that the High Speed Support Vessel 2610 is one of its most innovative design concepts in the last decade. The ‘Axe Bow’ concept was successfully introduced some five years ago, with 25 Sea Axe monohulls delivered and 22 under construction. The “Twin Axe” is claimed to offer a more stable platform within the 24 m loadline.

Compared to conventional catamarans with the same displacement, the new concept offers reduced peak accelerations up to 75%, reduced calm water resistance up to 15% and reduced added resistance in waves up to 60%.

The first HSSV 2610 will be introduced during Seawork 2011 in Southampton, UK (14 – 16 June). In May the vessel will be subject to a test programme to verify the actual performance against the predictions and model tests.

The design features:

  • front fendering designed for impact speeds over 3 knots without damage to the ship’s structure
  • aft wheelhouse / accommodation for lowest possible accelerations
  • flexibly mounted wheelhouse for lowest possible noise levels
  • two-step gearbox for maximum bollard pull without engine overload at zero-speed
  • large cargo deck for 2 x 20ft containers (max. 15 tons)
  • diving / rescue platform aft
  • high degree of customisation i.e. moonpool and extra accommodation
  • fuel transfer option
  • trimming of vessel using fore and aft fuel tanks
  • extensive endurance
  • three-point mooring system.

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