Debut for floating ship-to-shore transfer system

Gas Natural Fenosa, one of the biggest LNG suppliers in the world, and Connect LNG have together performed the first ever floating LNG ship-to-shore transfer.

The launch of the first full-scale and market-ready Universal Transfer System (UTS) took place in October, when Gas Natural Fenosa and Connect LNG carried out a complete operation including transfer of LNG from Skangas’ LNG carrier Coral Energy to the onshore LNG terminal at Herøya, in one of the largest and most energy consuming industrial parks in Norway.

The design and fabrication of the UTS has involved the highest safety standards, and the complete system has undergone an extensive classification process by DNV GL. The time from finalisation of the detailed design to hook-up of the terminal took less than six months. The solution was installed at the Herøya terminal just one day after arrival from the dockyard and was in full operation the following day.

The patented system replaces the need for cost and environmental intensive harbour and jetty structures. It also allows for rapid expansion of the value chain and transfer of LNG at locations where scaling up was hitherto hindered by environmental and economic constraints. The UTS is a ‘plug and play’ solution, requiring no modifications to the LNG carrier.

The UTS consists of a platform which can connect to any LNG carrier. LNG is then safely and efficiently transferred from the platform to the onshore terminal through floating flexible pipes.

“We started an innovation journey and here we are today with a game-changing solution that is revolutionary for the LNG industry. From now on, we have a market-ready system that opens a world of possibilities in the LNG small scale business,” said a spokesperson from Gas Natural Fenosa.

“With Connect LNG’s disruptive technology, combined with Gas Natural Fenosa’s long track record in the energy market, there was an obvious foundation for collaboration and leveraging both companies’ strengths as a basis for enabling access to natural gas where today it is not economically viable,” added a Connect LNG spokesperson.


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