“Ground-breaking” LNG concept

03 Jul 2014
Natural gas could power future drillships

Natural gas could power future drillships

ABS has entered into a joint development project (JDP) with Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) to develop what is thought will be the industry’s first LNG-fuelled drillship.

The JDP will address challenges associated with storing and managing cryogenic LNG safely. To initiate the project, DSME has performed a concept design, comparison between two types of LNG storage tanks and analysis of the fuel gas supply system that will be installed on the vessel.

"We are targeting the Gulf of Mexico as a key market for an LNG-fuelled drillship where, given the abundance of affordable shale gas resources in the US, LNG as a marine fuel makes good economic sense,” said Dr Hoseong Lee, vice president, global Korea business development, ABS.

ABS’s scope of work calls for concept design review, basic engineering review and a risk assessment of the tank space and access area, fuel gas supply system, machinery space and access area and associated configurations.

Many North American vessels owners and operators are making the switch to LNG to achieve substantial operating savings by reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions to meet the strict sulphur requirements in the North American Emissions Control Area.

"ABS already has taken the critical first step to develop guidance that addresses the first application of LNG technology on US flagged support vessels for Gulf of Mexico operations. An LNG-fuelled drillship is another ground-breaking concept that illustrates how deepwater applications are evolving,” added Ken Richardson, executive vice president, energy development, ABS.


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