Performance security with LNG service contract

30 Aug 2017
TMS’ Corcovado vessel

TMS’ Corcovado ship is one of four vessels which will be serviced by TMS Cardiff Gas Ltd. under a 10-year agreement

GE’s Marine Solutions will undertake a 10-year agreement to maintain four TMS Cardiff Gas Ltd. (TMS) LNG vessels.

GE’s has provided the vessels with electric propulsion systems and will supply parts to the propulsion motors, medium-voltage drives, generators and switchboard. It will also upgrade the propulsion automation systems to enhance their remote and diagnostic capabilities.

Alexandros Politis-Kalenteris, deputy chief operating officer at TMS, said: “The maintenance and upgrade services of such sophisticated equipment are technically challenging and require a professional and capable partner to ensure the vessels’ operability.”

Remote monitoring

TMS’ Corcovado, Kita, Palu and Yari vessels will be installed with a Visor remote monitoring system which can provide operators with the vessel’s health status and help identify potential issues that will affect the ability to provide the diagnostic service.

This digital software is fundamental to assist GE’s field service engineers to quickly assess the potential root cause of the failure and recovery paths options to execute effective service during unplanned downtime.

The service agreement also includes training for TMS personnel operating GE’s equipment.

In the LNG carrier market, vessel availability and reliability are key to development and sustainability. Long-term service agreements coupled with remote and diagnostic capabilities are essential to optimising vessel performance, added GE’s.