LNG ships actually work

12 Sep 2013
Engine room tours formed an important part of the Gas Fuelled Ships conference

Engine room tours formed an important part of the Gas Fuelled Ships conference

The first day of the fourth Motorship Gas Fuelled Ships conference concluded with tours of the ‘Viking Grace’ machinery rooms and the GE-sponsored conference dinner.

The final sessions of the conference itself included papers on the important question of provision of LNG bunkering in ports, and setting up the infrastructure. Siri Sundal Shield of Shell described the company’s plans for a global supply chain, initially in Europe, and in particular the Brunsbuettel project on the Elbe. Dr Gerd-Michael Wuersig of DNV looked back at actual experience with Fjord 1 and other operators, and forward to the moves to establish supply in Asia and the Middle East. With the DNV-GL merger now approved, prospects look brighter still for a global LNG supply chain. North America was the focus of a paper by Sean Bond of ABS, who presented a highly optimistic outlook for LNG on economic as well as environmental grounds. The final session looked at specific infrastructure issues and experiences, with Juergen Harperscheidt of TGE Marine speaking on the specific issues of small-scale LNG supply based on TGE’s own experience, and Carl-Lennart Axelsson of AGA Gas explaining the solution set up for bunkering the Viking Grace in Stockholm.

Chairman Martin L Shaw summed up the day’s proceedings before the delegates departed, in groups, to view the Viking Grace engine rooms and machinery spaces. The general view was that the noise and vibration benefits of LNG as fuel are considerable, sufficient to justify consideration of gas engines in their own right, apart from environmental and economic advantages. He concluded that whereas last year the theme was that LNG as fuel was still mainly in the future, this year proves that LNG actually works.

The long day was concluded with the conference dinner, held in the ship’s a la carte restaurant and sponsored by GE Marine.

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