Dedicated unit to retrofit BWT systems

Yokohama Dockyard & Machinery Works where MHI’s ballast water treatment project team is located Yokohama Dockyard & Machinery Works where MHI’s ballast water treatment project team is located

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) in Japan has created a new unit to deal specifically with installations of ballast water treatment systems, as well as necessary ship modifications, in vessels already in service.

This unit is located at the Yokohama Dockyard of its Shipbuilding and Ocean Development Headquarters, dedicated to the comprehensive planning of all work from design and engineering to system installation. In establishing the new unit, MHI’s aim is to provide customers with enhanced capabilities to offer a speedy response to meet shipowners’ needs as they prepare for full implementation of the ballast water management (BWM) convention by 2017.

The new ‘ballast water treatment project team’ will initially consist of six members, including design engineers and experts in ballast treatment systems, system deployment and piping, and specialists in engineering work and production, as well as sales staff. MHI will also increase the team size as and when demand warrants it.

At present, the installation of a ballast water treatment system on an existing ship generally takes about one year to complete from selection and procurement of the desired system, to system design, completion of modifications and installation. As a result, it is increasingly necessary to install such BWT systems during periodical maintenance, especially in the case of major shipping companies. MHI has already received an order for system installation/modification under this scheme and it is currently responding to several inquiries.

Although several years will pass before the IMO convention takes effect, many ships are expected to be subject to its regulations and preparation for the BWM implementation has become a major issue in the shipping industry.

MHI undertakes new shipbuilding at its three shipyards in Nagasaki, Kobe and Shimonoseki; repairs and modification work is performed at these three shipyards in addition to its Yokohama Dockyard. Through the activities of its newly established project team, the company looks to integrate the entire breadth of its expertise in ballast water treatment system installations and to aggressively promote expansion of its ship upgrading bus


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