Seismic vessel gets big make-over at Norwegian yard

21 Sep 2011
The refurbished ‘Oceanic Phoenix’ at the Bergen Group Halsnøy repair yard

The refurbished ‘Oceanic Phoenix’ at the Bergen Group Halsnøy repair yard

The Norwegian Bergen Group Halsnøy (BGH) has completed an extensive six-month refurbishment of the 11,368gt seismic vessel Oceanic Phoenix (ex. Geowave Master) owned by Master and Commander, managed by DOF Management and on a long-term charter to CGG Veritas.

The main jobs in the refurbishment were the installation of a new propulsion system with propeller and shaft, installation of extra generator capacity and rebuilding and upgrading of the seismic arrangement onboard. At the same time, an upgrade and maintenance of the accommodation, hull and existing seismic systems was carried out.

The 114.30m long, 19.20m wide vessel was built in Japan as a cable-laying vessel and converted into a seismic vessel in Spain in 2007.

During the work carried out at BGH, a total of about 120 tonnes of new steel sections were built consisting mainly of new sections for the aft part of the ship and a new intermediate deck in the seismic hangar. Existing water ballast tanks aft were converted into a steering gear compartment and engine room. A new frequency converter and switchboard room was also made for the new propulsion system.

The three main propulsion thrusters were replaced by two fixed propeller shafts with twin in, single out diesel electric propulsion system and new steering gear with twin rudders was fitted. As a result, the ship’s bollard pull capacity has been increased to pull twelve streamer cables.

The seismic arrangement has been rebuilt from 14 to 16 streamers capacity by rearranging the existing system and installing new winches. All umbilical winches for shooting cables have been renewed while new auxiliary winches, spooling devices, deflector jibs and towing points were installed. In addition, new generators for seismic compressors and seismic hydraulic power pack were fitted. The existing power management system (PMS) and internal alarm and monitoring system (IAS) from Kongsberg were upgraded.

In order to carry out the refurbishment, maintenance and upgrading work onboard the ship in the short period of time, BGH employed sub-contractors on prefabrication of steel, electrical installation, interior work, insulation, piping and painting.

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